Up and down first Aprilia Superteen meeting

Thundersport GB 11-13th march

After a great start to the year I was very positive and believed I could run at the front.


Friday was a difficult day for myself and the team. The first session went to plan I felt very comfortable a was running a good pace. However the rest of the mourning we struggle with setting the bike up and getting on the throttle the bike was spluttering. After soritng out the bike the afternnon sessions were much more positive and I felt more confortable going into race day.


As we were coming nearer to qualifying I became increasingly nervous as I knew my position on the grid would make or brake the weekend. As the session started I felt very good and was sat in the top three however as the session came near an end I had been bumped down to 7th place but I put in two fast lap to finish 5th(the front of the second row). In race 1 I got a great start I sat in third, around lap 5 Joe Francis made a pass on me going in to Edwina's I repassed him and over the next couple of lap we passed each other several times and then on the penultimate Ryan longshaw also tryed to get pass, I managed to repass him on the last lap and finished the race in a safe fourth place. Race two was the best race of the weekend I got another good start and was in third I then made two passes and was leading. I battledfor the lead for most of the race and tried a pass round the outside into the last hairpin however it didn't work and I ended up third.


Morning warm up started under very wet conditions I successfuly scrubbed in my wets and felt confident going into race three. I got another good start and was in fourth going into edwina's, however I was eager to get on the throttle and I lost the back end. I was really disappointed because I believed this was my best chance to get my first Aprilia Superteen win. Race four I was keen to get some decent point on the table I sat on the back of the leading three, I made a few passes but decided to take fourth place and get another finish under my belt.

The team and I were happy with our weekend, I was disappointed to have a crash but I am confident I can used this weekend to help progress further.

Max Symonds #21