Manic First Meeting

A front row, two wins, a 2nd, a 3rd and a crash, all in one weekend!

It was a hectic weekend of racing and great to come away with some trophies to start the year off, especially as this was my first race meeting at Brands Hatch with Thundersport GB.After qualifying 3rd in the 600 class, I felt positive going into Saturday’s competition. But when the time came to race, the conditions were mixed and making the wrong tyre choice meant I struggled and ended up down the order. This then affected Sunday’s race due to the new qualifying system which meant that I was further back on the grid.

Sunday was extremely wet and the rain didn’t look like it was going to stop all day. I knew that if I could get a good start I would be able to fight at the front. I managed to do this and after an aggressive first lap I was right in the mix. I made around 16 overtakes and by the time the flag came out I was in 3rd place, which I was very happy with.

The second race was even wetter again but I made another good start. However, the cold temperature didn’t suit my setup and I had several massive moments and unfortunately crashed (one of 18 crashers in this race alone!) Luckily it was just after the red flags and I was still counted in the results, coming in 5th place.                

This weekend I also raced in the Sound Of Thunder class.I qualified 2nd and was confident that I could fight for the win. However, I got held up at the start of the first race and by the time I had fought through to second place, the leader was out of reach.I managed a great start for the first face on Sunday, pushing hard meant that I was leading by the first corner and I won the race comfortably.The final race of the weekend was so wet it was a challenge just to stay upright! Although I had several massive moments, I brought it home for my second race win of the weekend!Overall, it was a fantastic first weekend of racing and gave me plenty of confidence going on to the next rounds.

Max Symonds #21