Round 1

I wasn’t the only one enjoying the good weather with the Friday test sessions being extremely busy which meant that just getting a clean lap was an achievement on its own. Despite the busy track it was still a great day ringing the neck of the 600 round corners like the undulating Paddock Hill and immensely cambered Druids hairpin, leaving me very excited for the two race days. I was feeling the usual race day nerves more than usual on the Saturday with it being my first race since early September last year, but once I got out there and did a lap or two in race conditions all those feeling were long gone replaced by large amounts of adrenalin that come with competitive racing. As well as two races each day in the 600cc class, I was competing the Open class available to all types of bike consisting of a qualifying session and three races. The Highlights of the weekend was firstly finishing fourth in the first 600cc final of the weekend which felt like a great comeback to racing and finishing fifth in the last Open race of the weekend having a great battle with some of my dad’s old rivals.